Americans Try Singaporean Food for the First Time

On our way to Thailand, we stopped off in Singapore for three nights. The airfare to Singapore was cheaper than flying to Bangkok on ANA, and I always wanted to eat in Singapore, so this was a great excuse.

Also Lydia, a blogger friend of mine, @lydiascapes, is based in Singapore so she met up with us and showed us around, taking us to some great places to eat. Thanks Lydia!

We were also lucky to meet up with Ju-Ann and Hunn, a local couple who took us to the Hong Lim food market for breakfast one morning. It was nice to go there with people who know what to get, we just wandered around and picked some random places to try on our own the previous day. Thanks again Ju-Ann and Hunn!

We had a very nice stay at the Hotel Mono, the nicest hotel of our trip, and a great location in Chinatown near several food markets and the subway. Thanks for a great stay Hotel Mono!

Visit them at

It was a quick three days, full of good food, hanging out with great people, and now it’s time to head to Phuket!

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