Waterford and Dublin Shenanigans (Goodbye to Ireland)

Six of us who didn’t get a FAM trip (4 day free tour for TBEX), got together and organized our own 5 night tour. We were able to get a bunch of sponsors on our own and did some amazing adventure tours with Epic Ireland.

We picked up our van at the convention center the morning after the conference ended. Made our way to The Cliffs of Moher for a quick stop then met with Michael from Epic Ireland Tours.

We had two amazing days with Michael, caving, canyoning, jumping off cliffs, eating, Celtic Football, Hurling, and finding him at a pub and hanging out. He was the best guide I’ve had, maybe the best ever! Such attention to detail, safety, not pushing people beyond their abilities on technical courses. I highly recommend Epic Ireland Tours for those who want something more than the ordinary tour.

Our next stop was Doyle’s Hotel In Waterford. Located right in town, a very nice family owned hotel that was nice enough to sponsor us for two nights. Tina, one of the owners, was such a great help introducing us to the local museums for free entries and the VR Viking show and also to Waterford Greenway Bike Hire so we could bike the Greenway which was so scenic and a fun afternoon. I highly recommend taking a bike out on the Greenway, it’s a nice way to see more of the area.

We had some good meals in Waterford, went to some interesting old time pubs, had a nice relaxing time. It’s a much slower paced town than Gallway, Killarney, and Dublin, but still has a lot more to offer than the Waterford Crystal factory. Take some time there and explore the town.

Our last night was in Dublin at the Barnacles Hostel right in the heart of the Temple Bar area. Actually two doors down from the Temple Bar. Barnacles sponsored us with a 6 bed room for the night, nice to have a private room for our group so close to the action in Dublin.

Our group split up into two’s to do different things. Some went to the Guinness tour, others to the Whiskey museum and I went with Dave to meet his friend Retail who took us to dinner for Indonesian food. This was my first time trying Indonesian food and it was so good. I loved it so much an opportunity to go to Indonesia came up the next day and I jumped on it. So now I’ll be going to Bali and hike up and into some volcanoes next month!

We all met up with some others from the TBEX conference at a pub, then went to another pub to meet up with more TBEXers. Then went to another couple pubs and I was tired after midnight but some stayed out until 5am.

Everyone had an amazing time in Ireland, we did so many activities, met so many people, had great food and drinks, saw incredible landscapes, and the list goes on and on. It’s sad to leave, but I’m sure all of us will return to Ireland one day soon.

Go Canyoning with Epic Ireland (Galway)

Dooly’s Hotel Waterford

King of the Vikings VR Experience Waterford

Waterford Greenway Bike Hire

Barnacles Hostel Dublin

Jon on Here Be Barr: http://bit.ly/2uZOAl1
Dave on Arrival: http://bit.ly/2zlqFhR
Vrithi – Epicurious Passport- http://www.epicuriouspassport.com/
Crystal – The Petite Adventurer- http://www.thepetiteadventurer.com/
Kaleigh – KK Travels and Eats- http://kktravelsandeats.com/

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