Canyoning and Cliff Jumping Adventure in Ireland!

Our second day with Michael from Epic Ireland Tours began early since we had a long drive through the scenic Connemera. The landscape reminded me of Iceland, but with more houses and a bit warmer. We finally arrived at a river on a sheep farm, parked as the sheep ran away from us, suited up and jumped in the freezing water.

It didn’t look too difficult but like The Narrows in Zion National Park, walking in the water on rocks isn’t the easiest thing to do. Add crawling up waterfalls, parts that are chest deep, and very slippery mossy rocks. Once we made it to an area with some waterfalls, we climbed up the rocks and jumped off. As we went further up river the jump height increased.

Climbing up some of the waterfalls were very difficult, only one or two of us could do it, others went around the side on the easier parts. It was very nice that you could pick your level of difficulty all along the way. No one had to do anything they weren’t comfortable with.

Our day didn’t end there, we then went to a pub and had the best burger of the trip. After our late lunch Michael took us to a Celtic football game, which was very interesting. Back to the hotel to shower and head to town for dinner. After dinner we went to a couple pubs and ran into Michael, bought him some pints and had a great time hanging out.

Once again Michael was an amazing guide, I think this day was even better than the day caving! He just continually goes above and beyond, making our experience the best it could possibly be.

Thanks Michael for two unforgettable days of adventure and fun. Also thanks for sponsoring our trip it was simply incredible!


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