Caving Adventure in Ireland!

We met with Michael from Epic Ireland Tours near The Cliffs of Moher. He brought us to a great little Cafe for a quick lunch then we were off for our caving adventure.

We drove past the tourist cave, another 20-30 minutes on single lane roads, no where near civilization. We finally pulled over on the side of the road and suited up. Michael led us through this crazy rain forest, looked a lot like Olympic National Park In Washington State where Twilight was filmed. We walked through mud, hopped over streams, clung to a tree while making our way around it with a little drop off. We finally made it to a crack in the ground with water running through it and he said ok get in there!

We immediately got wet, it was cold but we had a lot of gear so it wasn’t too bad. We squeezed into the cave and squat walked for a little while until the ceiling got high enough to stand. We then got to a tiny passage where you have to get horizontal and scoot your way though about 20 feet on your chest. Good times!

We saw stalactites and stalagmites, lots of cool rock formations, fossils, and some underground waterfalls, so cool. At one point he had us turn off our headlamps, hold onto the back of the belt of the person in front of you, and just walk while keeping one hand on the wall. The funny thing, he led us right under a little waterfall in the pitch black cave.

We guy made it out of the cave, but the fun wasn’t over. He let us find our way back to the cars, everyone was lost and we wandered around until we saw some landmarks we recognized and finally made it out of the forest.

It was such a great tour, like nothing I’ve done before. At some points we had to climb, squeeze, and really challenge ourselves to make it through the cave. Michael was an excellent guide, kept us safe and entertained at all times. It was truly epic!


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