TBEX Europe Killarney 2017 – Tours and Parties!

Made it to Dublin about 9pm, took a cab to our hostel, checked in and looked around but nothing was open. I guess we were on the outskirts of town am everything on a Sunday night closed early. I was hungry and found an Indian take out, had some really hot Chicken Vindaloo, then went to sleep. We had to catch the 7am train the next morning to Killarney for a TBEX tour.

It was a short walk to the train station, a three plus hour train ride with one train change. We took a cab to our hotel and dropped our bags then met up with the tour for a bike ride in the national park. Next was lunch in town then Irish dancing and an Irish Coffee demo in a local pub. That night we had dinner in town and checked out a couple pubs and met some new bloggers.

The next morning we had another tour, this time we headed out on the Ring Road to rope bridge place, Skellig Michael, chocolate factory and a pub in this town for lunch.

The opening night party at the horse race track was next. They had several vendors with samples of food and whiskey. We had a couple bowls of beef stew, met some new people, watched some Irish dancing and went into town for more pubs.

Our first day of the conference was finally here! I went to a couple good sessions, had lunch, met some new bloggers. Met with some brands at the speed networking, good stuff.

There wasnt an official party this night but Travel Massive had a meetup at the hotel next to the conference. We stopped by for a little while then headed into town for dinner, went to another meetup at the Shire, a Lord of the Rings themed bar, with Gollum.

The next day more sessions, I went to all the ones on working with brands, great information! Had lunch and hung around socializing until it was time for the closing night party in town. We had free drink tickets but very little food was served and people were desperately grabbing any appetizers that the waiters brought out so about 20 of us went out to get some food at another pub. We went back to the party which was packed! Hung out there until they started to kick everyone out then I walked back to the hotel.

It was another excellent time st TBEX, I met so many people, learned some very helpful things about working with brands, made some great connections, and had such a good time.

It’s not over yet, the next morning 6 of us set out on our 5 night tour around Ireland!

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