Dachshund Races at Oktoberfest in Old World Huntington Beach

I was invited to attend the Dachshund Races at Oktoberfest by my vlogger friend Tony. He brought his family who also have a YouTube channel, and we were also joined by another YouTuber Elizabeth Travels.

The races were quick, a short track, for the short dogs. But everyone had a great time, the dogs even got a free treat from one of the shops there that sells a lot of Dachshund memorabilia. We watched a few races then looked around to check out the shops and the market.

We listened to the band a little, Elizabeth had a beer, which she had to finish quickly when we found out she couldn’t take it to the restaurant which was outside the event gate. Then we got a bite to eat, some sausages, Wienerschnitzel, sauerkraut and cole slaw.

It was great to meet everyone and hang out at the event, good times!

Check out everyone at the links below:

Tony – Generation X

Tony’s kids – Looks Who’s Blogging

Elizabeth Travels

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