I Got Food Poisoning in Mexico City!

I decided to go to Mexico City to eat and make some videos. Flights from LAX were $350 and I found that flying from Tijuana was only $170. So I did some research and found out how easy it was to get to the Tijuana airport.

I parked at Delta Truck Parking for $12 per day, took the free shuttle (minivan) to the border a few minutes away at the CBX (Cross Border Express) bridge that goes directly from the US to the Tijuana Airport for $15 each way. The process was simple, I filled out a Mexico customs form, gave it to the lady, no line at all on a Sunday around 7pm. Walked through, passed the customs booths since they were empty, made my way over the bridge across the border and into the Tijuana Airport.

I then went through airport security in a minute, and was at my gate four hours early. I read reviews about CBX taking hours, so I went early to make sure I didn’t miss my flight, but went though so fast I had so much time to kill until my flight.

Viva Aerobus is Mexico’s budget airline, similar to Wow Air and Ryan Air, or Spirit. Everything is an extra charge, but it’s all pretty cheap since it’s in pesos. I didn’t buy any food or drinks, but a lot of people did, especially the Cup O Noodles, that was a big seller.

We landed at 5am, I couldn’t check into my Airbnb until 2pm, didn’t sleep on the flight so I was pretty tired and homeless. I decided since the Merced Market was on the way from the airport, I would take an Uber there since it opens at 6am. I got there at 6am and it was empty, people were just starting to set up. I asked one guy what there was to eat around there and he said in Spanish basically just some pasties nearby, but it was dangerous for me to walk around. So I took a cab over to the Four Points Sheraton, they were sold out and I didn’t have a reservation until my last night in town. But there was a cheap hotel next door and I got a room for $21, slept a couple hours and took a shower.

I was hungry so I tried to go to San Tacos which was recommended by my friend Jon, but they didn’t open until 1pm so I went to a place down the street that was open and just ok. I then met up with Meagen, she’s a New Yorker living in Mexico City, found her on Couchsurfing and it turns out she was in my friend Jon’s videos before! We met at Bowie, they specialize in smoked foods, sounded like a great concept. But the food was just ok, I wouldn’t really recommend it for the price, it’s a nice place, but just was lacking flavor unfortunately.

Our next meal together was at Rosetta, an Italian restaurant in the same neighborhood. This was amazing, incredible, best meal of the trip, possibly best meal I’ve had in months! Just so good, much better than Bowie.

On my own I tried a couple more taco shops, Tacos Hola was the best, cheap and delicious. I also found some Boba near my Airbnb, great deal at $2.50!

I met up for dinner on my 2nd night with a local named Paty. She showed me around the historic area and we had dinner at Azul Historica. A very nice restaurant, great ambiance, great looking food, amazing handmade tortillas. But the entrees were just ok, and the worst part, I got food poisoning! The following morning about 8am it hit me, and hit me hard. I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten food poisoning, or even the stomach flu, or even needed Tums or Immodium. I’ve eaten street food in Vietnam and Thailand, street tacos in Tijuana and Cancun, street hot dogs in Downtown LA, my stomach is tough. But something from that meal got me bad, very bad. My friend who is a doctor told me to get Cipro, so I went to 3 pharmacies and finally found one that would sell it to me.

It took me about 36 hours to feel almost back to normal, but I still didn’t want to eat anything. I finally was able to get out and see some of the city, got a couple small meals, then took the subway to the airport and made the long journey back home.

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