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Kristi and I had a business meeting in Chicago so we stayed an extra few nights to tour around the city at eat. If you’ve seen our last videos together where we took the road trip to Northern California and Oregon, you’ll remember the cheap hotels we stayed in then. It was a very nice change to stay at the Sheraton, which is actually one of the nicest Sheratons I’ve been to in the US. With my Platinum Starwood status we enjoyed the Club Lounge’s free drinks, evening snacks and breakfast.

The location was great, very central to all of the places we visited, we walked and took Uber and Lyft, even a taxi one time. Oh and we decided to take the train from the airport since it was only $10 for two of us compared to over $30 by Uber or Lyft. There’s some strange thing going on in Chicago with the GPS on all of the apps. It doesn’t put you in the right spot so it’s tough to get picked up and for the drivers to navigate. Several drivers got lost trying to find us and taking us back to the hotel.

We had a very nice first dinner at The Albert, a very cool spot with fancy overpriced food. I tried octopus for the first time, only my third time ever eating seafood, the second was a couple videos ago with Shannon in the Bayou where I tried fried catfish. This octopus was better, didn’t taste fishy, just like weird chicken.

We went to a bunch of different restaurants, the Allis was very good, as was Parsons and of course Shake Shack. Unfortunately we didn’t get to eat any Chicago Deep Dish Pizza this time, but I did order a really bad pizza for delivery to our hotel one time and it was horrible, I don’t even remember the name of the place it was that bad.

So the first time we went to the Bean it was on a Saturday afternoon, there were thousands of people there. So we decided on Monday to wake up and get there by 7am, so much better! There were about 6 people there at that time and more and more people started showing up. If you want to get a photo with the Bean and very few people, even in the Summer, wake up early.

I gained 3.2 pounds from all of that Chicago food, lost most of it already back home eating healthy again. But it was a lot of fun and productive and I’m sure we’ll be back again sometime soon!

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