Iceland with the DJI Spark

I spent a week in Iceland and was so excited to bring the DJI Spark, mainly because it’s so small it hardly takes up any room in my bag. Wow air charges so much for a carry-on or check-in bag, so I didn’t want to bring the DJI Mavic Pro that takes up over twice the space and weight.

I found that only a few places I wasn’t able to fly, there were some signs at a couple of the main attractions, also not smart to fly around geysers or where tons of birds are nesting and flying around.

There are so many waterfalls, different shapes and sizes, some crowded, some without any people. It was so nice to see them from the air, not something 99.9% of the people there got to see. I only met a few other people with drones, a couple Mavic Pros and a couple Phantoms. So even though it was high season, there’s not many drones in the air which is great.

I also loved the Spark since I was able to fit it in my jacket pockets, so hiking with it was easy and I didn’t need to carry my backpack with me. So convenient!

The only issue was the wind, a couple places were a bit windy at times and gave me the high wind warning so I waited a little to continue flying. Not bad at all, I’m very happy with the Spark overall and will bring it when I return to Iceland in 5 weeks!

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