New Orleans Best Fried Chicken

I spent five days in New Orleans to visit my buddy Shannon, a local musician, concert photographer, street photographer and artist. He suggested I come and shoot some interesting things outside of New Orleans like frogging and an alligator wrestler. I’m there!

I had so much footage from the five days, I split the trip into this first video of just what I did in New Orleans, followed by a second video of everything outside of the city.

There weren’t any parades or events going on this weekend so it was a quieter time in the French Quarter. It was also pretty hot right in the middle of Summer. But I was able to eat a lot of fried chicken, three times from Brother’s. I also had Coop’s, The Praline Connection, Willie Mae’s plus a couple outside of New Orleans.

Overall Brother’s was the best chicken for the money, for under $2 a piece, you can’t beat that price, and it was excellent. Willie Mae’s just beat them out, however it’s about twice as expensive, and 3x as greasy. I don’t know how they get their chicken to be so juicy but I’m sure it has to do with how or what they fry it with.

Overall I had a great time in New Orleans, ate too much, but got some great fried chicken and Cajun Food. Had to finish off the trip with a salad to help cut through all the grease!

I also did a free walking Voodoo tour by Free Tours By Foot. It was a great tour, very informative, they just ask you to pay whatever you can or think it was worth. I gave him $20, I hope that was sufficient.

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