Oregon & California Coast Road Trip – Part 3

Our last 3 days of our 8 day road trip. We were glad to be in a city again, I was especially happy to be near a Voodoo Donuts. I got my favorite, the Bacon Maple, it was too unhealthy for Kristi so she went and got coffee and a salad.

Our first stop of the day was at the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area, I missed this last time I did the Oregon Coast, so I was hoping we weren’t too late since we got there just before noon. But there were a bunch of elk hanging out in the field, just as the name promised!

Finally we made it back to the coast, so many amazing views along this stretch of Oregon. Face Rock, Arch Rock, Natural Bridges, and Lone Ranch Beach were some of our stops. The lighting wasn’t very good, so no good photos this day, but the views were still impressive.

We stopped that evening in Eureka at Humbolt Bay Provisions for a nice hipster meal. Now the service here was pretty bad, especially the bitchy waitress, the only one worth anything there was the guy who made our cheese plate and described it for us. They were out of sausage, and we missed the pizza, so I just ate some cheese and crackers and some veggies. Kristi loved the oysters as you can see from the video.

We stayed at the Blue Lake Casino Hotel, an Indian casino near Arcata. This was Kristi’s first time at an Indian casino and she was excited. Since it’s a casino, I didn’t film there, but what happens at an Indian casino, stays at an Indian casino… I did get a good $5 burger though, but there was an upsell for cheese and fries.

We woke up late, found a great sandwich shop in Eureka, Hole in the Wall. These were some of the best sandwiches, pretty amazing and not too expensive, beats the crap out of Subway! I quit at about 3/4 and Kristi only ate half of hers. But we had a long 9 hour drive so on the way we finished them up.

This night we stayed in San Luis Obispo, after a very long drive we got some dinner at Eureka Burgers, a nice little place downtown. It was so dark in the restaurant so I didn’t get any footage there either, but Kristi had a great steak salad, and I had some chicken sliders, mmm. You can see by the lack of content as we got further into the trip, it was very tiring driving 2000 miles in a week.

Our last day, we stopped at my favorite restaurant, Jocko’s Steakhouse. You may have seen it in my previous videos, I try to go there 3 to 4 times a year, even though it’s over 4 hours from home. They don’t open the grill until 4:30pm, except on Sundays it’s open all day. So I always get the burger if the grill is closed. The meat is made from their steak, and they’re huge!

We were on our final stretch, exhausted and tired of driving without any scenic stops. Once we got into LA we were welcomed by traffic, it was so nice being out in the wilderness with no people, and being back in LA traffic wasn’t fun. I finally dropped Kristi off at her place, then sat in traffic for 3 hours until I got home.

We had such a great time, hiking to waterfalls, seeing the coast, eating a lot of good and bad food, staying in cheap hotels which weren’t very cheap. Unfortunately we didn’t get too many good photos because of the lighting, mornings were too foggy, daytime was too bright with no clouds. But as you can see we had a lot of fun so it was all worth it.

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