Northern California and Oregon Waterfalls Road Trip – Part 2

We started our morning with some cold pressed juice from Roots Juice Bar in Redding, CA. I was surprised to see $8 juice in a smaller city like this, but Kristi was so happy to get her juice.

After Roots we drove to McCloud Falls, it was pretty crowded, but luckily we found a parking spot in the small lot next to the Lower McCloud Falls. Since it was a Sunday, there were tons of people swimming and jumping off the rocks into the lower falls. So we made our way up to the Middle Falls where it was less crowded.

It wasn’t too far of a hike, maybe a little over a mile and we reached this amazing waterfall. There were some people swimming and jumping off the rocks, but way less than the lower falls. Kristi climbed up the fallen tree for a photo and I got down by the edge of the water for a shot of the waterfall. Next we went up to the overlook, then continued on to the Upper Falls. The upper falls wasn’t as impressive as the middle falls, but it was still a good hike, some people made their way down the steep rocks to the bottom of the falls, but we didn’t feel that adventurous.

It was then time to hike back to the lower falls parking lot and move on to Klamath Falls for lunch at Rodeos Pizza and Saladeria. We each had a slice, a drink and I had a small Cesar Salad. Very good pizza, we had a great lunch and were ready for Crater Lake.

It was about an hour to Crater Lake, we didn’t know exactly where to go but just figured near the South end would be a good place to try. There was some snow on the side of the road on the way in, and more snow close to the lake. It was around 60 degrees so I don’t know how the snow hasn’t melted yet. We made it there before sunset but there wasn’t a great shot, so we just took a little bit of photos and video and headed to our motel.

So we decided to save a little on driving and stay in Chemult, Oregon, found the Budget Inn for $96 with tax, which isn’t very budget, especially when we saw the place. It was old, very old, no air conditioning, but had a couple fans in the room. The door didn’t close properly, had to really work it to get it to stay shut. I think we should have kept driving to Bend, but it was a long day so we toughed it out.

Today was our Oregon waterfall day, we had three to visit and not a lot of time. Tumalo Falls was first, it was very crowded but we lucked out and found a parking spot right in front since someone was just leaving. The overlook is right by the parking lot, very nice view of the falls. But for those more adventurous, you can hike down a steep embankment and make your way to the bottom of the falls, or even go behind the falls. We found a trail that led to the bottom, pretty difficult scrambling, holding onto roots and branches for support, and got to the bottom about 100ft from the falls. It was so powerful and sprayed so much I couldn’t keep my lens dry for a second. I can only image how wet it is behind the falls, but since we both had camera gear we didn’t dare try it.

Chush Falls was next, now this was much harder to find than Tumalo Falls. You have to take a dirt road, which has a lot of forks in the roads so we used Google Maps and luckily found the trailhead. Also there was a forest fire so the original trailhead is closed, it was only a 1 mile hike before but is now a 2.5 mile hike. It is a nice hike though, seeing all the burned trees and new vegetation, passing by rivers and ponds, so quiet and very few people. Luckily we saw a couple who told us to keep going when we reached the falls, go left at the trail end sign to the upper falls. This was steeper and tiring, but the upper falls were pretty amazing. There’s some scrambling involved if you want to get closer to the falls, but it’s worth it. We made our way back to the car, a 5 mile hike, took a little longer than we expected and had to hurry to get a shot of the Proxy Falls next.

It was a long drive to the Proxy Falls, we couldn’t find the trailhead, figured it was behind the restrooms, but it was actually across the street. We walked fast, trying to beat the sunset, through lava rock which was a little rough, and wouldn’t be fun in the dark. So we rushed and made it to the falls, but to get closer we had to scramble over rocks, fallen trees, while avoiding the water. It was the most difficult hike of our trip, but worth the effort. We made it just as the light was fading, got some nice photos and video then rushed out of there to get to Eugene for dinner at a Japanese Izakaya spot.

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