Central California Coast – Driving on the Beach & Flying Drones with Travel Tanaka

My travel vlogger friend Koichi Tanaka, aka @TravelTanaka, is touring the US for a few months so we met up in San Francisco. I showed him the sights and a lot of food, then we made our way down the coast heading to LA.

After our huge Korean BBQ meal, we drove down to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, it closed at 5pm, so only the arcade was open. Koichi had checking out the girls in bikinis, then headed South towards Monterey.

We made a bunch of stops to try to get some good sunset shots, nothing worthy of posting though. We weren’t hungry since we had a late lunch so we found a coffee shop and got some more boba then checked into our hotel for an early night.

The next morning we took the 101 to Morro Bay, unfortunately Highway 1 along the coast was closed due to storm damage, so we had a boring couple of hours drive with no stops. We had lunch in Morro Bay, went to Cayucos Beach to try to fly the drones but it was so windy, made a quick stop at Morro Bay Dog Beach. We stopped at Avila Beach and Koichi was able to finally fly his drone. I didn’t take mine out since it was still windy, but he got some good footage.

Our next stop was for boba in Pismo Beach, then the Pier, and the nearby sand dunes where we took the Jeep on the beach and drove right by the water, pretty cool.

We had 8:30pm reservations at Jocko’s, couldn’t kill enough time at the beach so we arrived at 7:45pm hoping to get in early. But it was pretty crowded and we finally got seated at our original time. We both had the small Spencer which is around 16 ounces I think, only $26 which includes a salad, baked potato, bread, baked beans, ice cream and coffee. The best deal ever, and the steak rivals any other fancy steakhouse, most of the time it’s better. Jocko’s is my all time favorite restaurant, unfortunately it’s a 4 hour drive from home, but a few times a year I’ll make the drive just to eat there.

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