Band of Horses - Santa Barbara - August 26-27, 2016

Band of Horses – Santa Barbara – August 26, 2016

We were lucky to get 8th row tickets to Autumn’s favorite group, Band of Horses. They were playing in the Ohana Festival the following day, but I had to shoot the event at the Santa Ana Zoo, so we went to Santa Barbara instead.

Wing Battle 1

Chicken Wing Battle! – Howlin’ Ray’s Vs. Dok Dok Chicken – August 24, 2016

Today we tried the two best chicken wing restaurants in Los Angeles. This was our first time at Howlin’ Ray’s, from the Yelp reviews I knew we had to get there about an hour early so we wouldn’t have to wait for hours.

Nisei Week Bday Weekend

2016 Nisei Week Festival – Gyoza Eating Championship – Birthday Weekend – August 20-21, 2016

The 2016 Nisei Week Festival and World Gyoza Eating Championship this past weekend. It was my first time to a professional eating competition, I’m glad I got to see and film it.

Gyoza Championship 8:20:2016

World Gyoza Eating Championship – Aug 20, 2016

This was my first time attending a professional eating competition. Since it was at the Nisei Week Festival I thought I’d go check it out.

Downtown Los Angeles - August 6, 2016

Downtown Los Angeles – August 6-7, 2016

Back to Downtown Los Angeles for Eric Kim’s Street Photography workshop, this weekend was his intermediate class, focusing on projects as opposed to “Conquering Your Fears in Street Photography” last weekend.

Las Vegas - ASD Convention

Las Vegas – ASD Market Week Convention – July 31, 2016

This was my second time attending the ASD Market Week, it’s a convention for all kinds of wholesale products.